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Building a Major Gifts Pipeline - AFPNS Webinar

Free for AFP Nova Scotia Members!

$25 for non-members.

*This On-Demand webinar is available from the convenience of your home or office.

About The Session

Do you work at an organization with no alumni or young alumni? Is your cause considered not as sexy and/or potentially controversial? Is your organization young? No problem! In this session, you will learn concrete techniques to create and build a robust major gifts pipeline. Put on your thinking caps, think outside the box and be entrepreneurial. Learn to realize and capitalize on the strengths you do have to find potential major donors to your organization.

Session contents include learning creative techniques to building amajor gift pipeline under challenging circumstances. Everyone can find potential major gift donors if you think a bit outside the box and are willing to be entrepreneurial. Participants will learn to examine the assets and strengthens they do have instead of focusing on the obstacles such as a newcollege with no or young alumni, or a cause that is little known, controversial or sensitive/taboo. Techniques will include examining annual fund donors, board members and their friends/colleagues, volunteers and their friends/colleagues, and alumni from other areas of the university, among others. Many examples and firsthand experiences will be shared.

Professionally, I have worked at several organizations in these cases, including two in mental health and one with very young alumni. Getting creative and entrepreneurial instead of focusing on the challenge has produced greatsuccess for my career when faced with this daunting circumstance..

In This Session:

  • Learn techniques to create a robust major gifts pipeline.
  • Develop creative and entrepreneurial strategies to find major gift prospects.
  • Realize and capitalize on your assets and strengths you DO have.
  • Will examine common problems like no or young alumni, lesser known causes, and new organizations.

Target Audience:

The target audience is all levels of fundraising professionals, focused on those that work with Boards, a top organizational leader, like an Executive Director, President, CEO or Dean.

About The Presenter

Starting out at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond in Virginia, Adrienne has worked in development shops of all sizes with fundraising programs of varying maturity. Moving eventually into high education, Adrienne has had to create, build, expand and repair many major gifts programs – running into obstacles and challenges along the way. That didn’t stop her. Today with 14 years in the field, an MBA and a CFRE since 2004, she currently leads a $16M campaign effort as the Assistant Dean for Development and External Relations and Senior Management Team Member at the UC Davis School of Education. Last fall when she came to the position, the School was one of the furthest behind toward its campaign goal.

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